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A message from the founder

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Nearly twenty years of experience working as a human resources professional has taught me that it takes more than technical training, certifications and academic degrees to be successful in business. Whether you are an employee or you are self-employed, there are unspoken, yet very essential, norms and rules of engagement that will determine your career trajectory as an employee or whether the business you own will stand the test of time.

I have been fortunate throughout my career to have mentors and advisors who invested their time and resources to enhance my business acumen. Their efforts complimented the training and expertise that I gained from my undergraduate and graduate studies. 

I founded Suits for Sons, Inc. to leverage the experience, knowledge and resources of accomplished professionals in the business community and provide experiential education, mentoring, opportunities and sophistication for young leaders. As members of the community village, they are our sons. Supporting their journey to success is our way of completing the circle. 


We freely give of our time and resources to ensure that promising young men can learn in nine months what took some of us nine years to learn! We accelerate their success by teaching them the culture, appearance and behaviors of successful people.  I hope you will join me and the village of Suits for Sons volunteers and partners in making a difference that will last for a lifetime.


Thank you for your support!

Jerry W. Autry II
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