About us

It is our mission to help collegiate men prepare for professional careers, entrepreneurship and community activism by providing resources, training and access to mentors.


Our programs centers around five key components:

  1. Mentoring (the example of success)

  2. Education (the tools for success)

  3. Scholarship (the means of success)

  4. Etiquette (the culture of success)

  5. Suits (the look of success)


The vision of Suits for Sons is to develop and deliver quality training and experiential education activities to our students; to suit them with to the tools and soft skills for life beyond college.

What drives us.

Matriculating through undergraduate studies will not alone prepare young men for successful careers, nor develop their potential for leadership. To often we find that many young men do not have access to the information, mentors and experiences that level the playing field as they move into their careers of choice. Many enter the marketplace ignorant to the social norms, cultural standards and other subtleties that can be both career-limiting and opportunity-restrictive.


We believe in the adage “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Our leaders and partners are accomplished and cultured. They are excelling in their career aspirations and have a heart for helping suit young men do the same.


​We want to suit them with the tools articulate ideas skillfully during interviews. Successfully intermingle and interrelate during societal dinners and special events. Communicate and impart sound points of view with the influencers of their communities and the world, with grace and diplomacy. We want them to become the leaders of our society.


Our programs are not designed to replace school programs, local church initiatives or the role of fathers, and other role models. We exist to link up with them and add support. Where role models, information and sponsorship is needed, we come alongside to help “the village” get our young men across the finish line and into the next leg of the race.