What do we do with your donations?

We’re glad you asked!

Our operations are funded by donations and gifts in kind from individuals, corporate sponsorship, donations from foundations, grants, and partnerships with other non-profit organizations. We host three big fundraising events annually:

  1. Masquerade Party at the beginning of the year
  2. Golf Tournament in the Spring
  3. Suits & Scholarships Gala & Fashion Show in the Fall

Donations are used to provide resources to students who participate in our various programs. Those resources may include:

  • books and reading materials
  • professional head shots
  • suits and accessories. 

Donations are also used to cover many administrative costs of running our programs, such as:

  • Fees for software
  • Insurance
  • Venue rentals
  • Printing
  • Fundraising initiatives

After program and administrative expenses are covered, surplus resources are used to provide scholarships to students who participate in our various programs. 

Our entire staff is made up of volunteers – no one is paid for their services. Our speakers, mentors, and Board members are all people who donate their time, skills and resources to enrich the lives of the students we serve.

Class sizes are limited to the number of students we can support financially. Rather than solicit the community for funds to support the class size after we accept students into our programs (crisis funding), our policy is to responsibly raise funds before accepting students into our programs to ensure that we are able to follow through on our commitment to each student.