As we prepare for the 2018- 2019 school year, we are looking for mentors, speakers and volunteers. If you are interested in mentoring a high school or college student, have internship opportunities, or you are interested in speaking to students about your career, contact us at 

H O U S T O N   S T A F F

Jerry Autry, Executive Director

Brandon Wilson, Associate Director

Brandon Henderson, Director of Development

Andre Harden, director of community Programs

Richard Cumby, Director of Marketing

Alicia Demeke, director of collegiate programs

J.D. Garnier, director of high school programs

angela harris, community liaison

byron wilson, stylist

Cedric Towner, High School Ambassador


Lorielle Anderson, Fundraising

Calicia Johnson, Fundraising

ernest l. beason ii, volunteer

Sharees Turner, volunteer

Niesha Hickman, volunteer

James Atkins, volunteer

JAVIER CASTRO, volunteer

Chad hartsfield, volunteer

H O U S T O N   B O A R D   O F   D I R E C T O R S

Jerry Autry, MS-HRM  -  Board Chairman

Brandon Wilson  -  wilson custom carpentry

Brandon Henderson  -  tenaris

Andre Harden  -  Brunel International

Richard Cumby  -  MedtroniC


J.D. GARNIER, U.S. TRUST BANK / diversity selling

ANGELA HARRIS - IMERYS Oilfield solutions

taharqua blue, alert logic / elevenone creative

Kathryn McLaurin, J.D.  -  NASA

Kendrick McKlesky - El Casa Management

Alim Aldatia, J.D.  - Outreach Strategists

Dallas Jones -  Elite change inc. / jones group international, LLC

William Cumby - The Fountain of Praise

DR. MARY E. WHITE,   ED.D  -  Dr. mary e. white international, llc